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Oxy Clean brings European hospital level disinfection to your home and we are proud to be using tested and proven technology to keep your home/business safe and clean.

Why chose us over the others…

Why chose us over the others…
We use genuine European tested and approved products with proven technology used in the European Medical Industry.

Our team have been trained by French specialists to use this technology to ensure your home is completely sanitised and they continue to receive on going training on the latest disinfection and sanitisation developments.

We all know that what we breathe in everyday has an impact on our health and unfortunately although we have been blessed with great sunshine here in Dubai, we spend a considerable amount of time in our homes or offices and our air is circulated many times in poorly maintained and cleaned air-conditioning systems.

This is why we focus on keeping the air quality in your villa or apartment at its best.

Our Oxy clean team do more than most: We clean all your vents and ducts using our specialised vacuum system. Using steam cleaning technology, which is safe and chemical free, we clean your filters. Once we have completed the AC clean to a standard that most companies cannot match, we use our diffusion technology to disinfect your entire home/ventilation system. At all times, all the products we use are totally biodegradable, fully environment-friendly, and safe for human beings and pets.

Our dry mist diffusion technology, which is used throughout the health care industry, is used to sanitise your ducts and AC unit and kills all harmful bacteria, viruses, moulds and fungus. This is key to a healthier cleaner air environment. Air-conditioning units are unfortunately out of sight and out of mind and these are the perfect environments for such harmful build up of unwanted bacteria, viruses, moulds and fungus. The bad smells are often a sign of a problem, but most of the time mould spores and fungal build up can go completely unnoticed. Often we have cleaned units that have significant mould build up that can harm the health of your family, which has gone unnoticed for years.

By cleaning your air conditioning system on a regular basis you can help improve the air quality at your home and work places.

Knowing that the air that you and your family breathe is clean and free from any kind of moulds or bacteria will give you and your family peace of mind and we at Oxy Clean can offer this.

Looking to improve the air quality at your home and work places ?

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